What is ACFC?

ACFC stands for A Charity For Charities, it is a non profitable organisation. It aims to guide the people who want to give money for charity but don’t know where to donate it to. We aim to promote the minor charities with a good cause.

Benefits of ACFC

Every month on this site we alternate a choice between 3 charities, people are able to vote on which charity they believe in, and the donations are proportionally given to charities. Also with the use of Adverts on this website just by visiting this site you are generating money for charity.

How we choose Charities

We are constantly on the look out for charities who deserve more attention. However if you have a suggestion, simple visit the vote page, there should be a box which is labelled “SUGGEST”, click on that, and it will provide a text box for you to send an email to our team who will evaluate the charity. In the email please include a link to their site, and why you think they should appear on our site.

How it works

All of your donations go off as purely proportional so if you donate £10, £3 might go to charity A, £6 might go to charity B, and £1 might go to charity C. Depending on how many votes they all get. The best thing is, this website contains adverts; so just by visiting ACFC you generate money which is donated to the charities as well.